Frequently Asked Questions

The Facilities
A - Yes, there's a 300 Watt UK power outlet.
A - Yes there is a small gas fridge in the dining cabin that can be used for food and drinks.
A - There is a small camping oven and a microwave oven located in the dining cabin. Both items can be used when the generator is running and connected.
A - We do have a large oil drum BBQ located next to the dining cabin and we'll allow small off the floor BBQ's, as long as the ashes are disposed of responsibly.
A - There's a supermarket which is a 5-minute drive away, which also has a small petrol station attached. There are other shops in the local town, including a pizza takeaway, boulangerie (bakery) and cash machines. The main town, St. Quentin, has a large hypermarket (Auchen), a Decathlon, McDonalds and lots of other restaurants.
The Lake
A - The lake is 11 acres and sits within an overall plot of 20 acres.
A - If the lake is booked for exclusive use, we allow a maximum of 8 persons, including non-anglers.
A - A mixture of clay, gravel and silt.
A - No - there is some weed towards the end of the Summer, though not much.
A - Yes it does have some, but only a very limited number of the anglers to date have had any issues with these. They are not a nuisance in the lake.
A - The lake isn't a runs water, but it also depends on many other variables, including weather, bait used and the level of anglers’ experience, as some have found it hard, whilst others have caught many fish. As you would expect, the more effort that’s put in generally leads to better results and more fish coming out.
A - The lake is closed in November through to the start of April.
The Fish
A - We estimate that there are around 250 carp in the lake.
A - Sturgeon, bream, tench, roach, perch, pike & zander.
A - The biggest fish is a two tone mirror carp last caugth at 63lb.

Bigegst fish caught